Introducing Vakwetu's new Fashion Editor

so, it is about that time that i introduce myself to you guys our Vakwetu readers.. since having been appointed the new FASHION EDITOR, i have not said anything about myself... so here goes...

those of you who do know me, know that i am very involved in anything to do with fashion, by that i mean buying clothes!!!! (jokes) hence why this job was perfect for me...
 fashion is all around us, we cant deny that..
it really is great going around capturing the essence of the african fashionistas.. we all have a little one inside of us.....
 since im the one dishing out all those questions to the people i blog about, i think its only fair that i answer them myself..... LEGGO!!!!!

name: sean kamati
city: windhoek
sense of style: hate to place myself into a time frame, for instance 90's but i really do think im a child of the ages... anything from the 1920's to now... my sense of style is me. i wear what i love but also just because that is your favourite top and jeans and shoes it does not mean that they work well together... just a tip!!!!!
current obsession: pants( chinos, formal, casual etc etc)
trend horoscope: colour,denim, vintage shoes....

well people that is basically me.... im easy going, fun and love life!!!!!

if anyone is keen and available to be one of my style hunters hit me up... follow us on twitter @vakwetu
facebook- vakwetu

tweet me, fb me or send me an email..... would love to hear from you

yours in fashion

sean kamati

fashion editor


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