Street Style fashion, @vakwetu, Vuyisile Dlomo (2)

Street Style fashion, @vakwetu, anakara shorts(2)

Street Style fashion, @vakwetu(2)
Name: Vuyisile Dlomo (MaMthi)
Occupation: Accountant by profession & Founder/Designer of 'Afro Touch'
City: Brighton, UK
Sense of style: Sassy and elegant.I am graceful person but I love to stand out, I will wear everything and anything - I would not say I follow fashion at all - I dress how I feel! mostly very relaxed and comfy BUT my statement is in my accessories always
Current obsession: African Print.As a super proud African lady I love to express and embrace Afrocentric stuff, am very proud of my origins and culture
Trend/fashion prediction: None per say but there's a strong African vibe going round, see it with the african print and aztec - I think that's here to stay


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