Windhoek Fashion Week 2016

It came. Left it's mark but it will never leave the hearts and the eyes of those that attended. Windhoek Fashion Week made such a splash. Many thought it would not happen, given the amount of time it was put together in but they did it.

Windhoek had it's first ever fashion week, last week and it was superb. Not only did we have the best  and some amazing up and coming Namibian designers showcasing, we had the cream of the crop from South Africa, Angola, and Zimbabwe grace our runway.  Our Namibian designers definitely stood their  ground when it came to the quality of their designs. Not only that. They pulled out all the stops with regards to getting their looks together, using a variety of model sizes and putting on a ACTUAL show. Designers you can definitely pat yourselves on the shoulder.

Here a few highlights of we saw on the runway for those of you that missed the shows.

Images by : Elvis Real - UrbaN'dala Digital


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