You guys have long known the love we have for this amazing, young designer. Having recently graduated from UNAM. Her passion for  art was evident even while she was studying. Be it Visual art or fashion, NDAPCEE never disappointed us.

A few weeks ago we started seeing glimpses of something new. Patterns, florals, prints to die for. They were so extra but simply beautiful in their extraness. NDAPCEE started teasing us by posting short clips on social media but you know Vakwetu was quick to snatch up the exclusive and so we did.

Running up my stairs, looking like she just stepped of the pages of an AFROPUNK editorial. Ndapcee casually jumps onto my couch and whips out the images. I gave a ReDBuLL to get her going and said ” SPILL THE TEA”. What is this collection all about?

NDAPCEE SS/17 is a vintage eccentric collection mainly inspired by the fashion of the late 70’s to early 80’s
Think 80’s, Romance and Prints. BOLD FLORALS is the look we were going for.

This collection was designed for the sophisticated , experimental , young vibrant and urban woman.
And yes, there are mens pieces as well

There are looks for every personality from swimsuits, urban chic, office wear and a night out on the town. Garden tea party perhaps? Yes, we got you!

There is literally a piece for everyone

So, there you have it from the fab lady herself. You want the look? You got it. Just make sure it suits what you are going for. Can we just say that we absolutely love this right here and we eagerly wait on the next sizzle she produces.


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