Saw the hair. It grabbed me. I found myself not being able to look away because this shoot was just too captivating. Vakwetu had to find out the story behind the images. So, via back and forth mails we got to speak to Enes about life in front of the lens.

As a creative in life and work, and having grown into my “hair skin”, I’ve become more free in expression and experimental with my hair play…

In the beginning it was more of a what new style can I try/do… but as time went on, I consciously trying to create a platform for discussion on what it means to be young, black and a gay male and through my doing allowing inspiration….
There is a fine line though, that is, being overtly flamboyant for queer’s sake and knowingly exploring the forgotten art in African male hair, with a contemporary and current aesthetic of coarse.

This current look was something unplanned, I can admit that it was not a look I had planned on doing…
But knowing that I’m allowed in the boundaries of a ( what did i just do) look, I went ahead and undid the braids and went out in public to see how far I could push societies level of “normal”, (one has to have balls and no ***** given) attitude cause sometimes the reception isn’t as positive.

And I’m pleasantly and taken aback at how positive the reactions have been! From the young to old, male to female, gay to straight… The reception has been absolutely positive.
This has been such a positive affirmation as to where society is and how, more accepting of art (black gay male art in expression).

And as my idol Queen Bey (Beyonce) would say “I slay”…. I shall have to say “I didn’t come to Slay, I came to SLAUGHTER”!!!!!!!!!
Images by: Ashley Smith

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