Keep warm and fabulous: Style tips from the Editor-in-Chief

Keep warm and fabulous

Winter is not the easiest time to experiment with your wardrobe because let’s face it:  most of us  at the end of the day just want to feel and be warm.  Here is some quick inspiration for looking good while clutching that mug of hot chocolate. The winter season is a good time to show some restrain in your wardrobe. Keep the silhouette simple and choose classic time defying colors. Shades of browns and spiced reds will work well for your jeans and outerwear like this vintage fur jacket and pair of wine skinny jeans.  Or try  a fabulous orange burnt coat like the one above. Pair it with some fierce ankle high boots in black, brown or grey. If you are the adventurous type and usually  go cray with your wardrobe try and take it out on your shoes instead for the winter season. Keep the upper part simple. I love the straps on this pair of boots cause they give the whole look a little bit more edge.  Accessorize with a great bag like this Balenciaga Tote and you are chic to go.


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