Got another chance to sit down one of my favourite fashionistas, Leah Misika. 
While sipping on some cool Iced Tea, I got her to “spill the tea” on where she is now in her fashion journey.

“I am in the best fashion space of my life. With
My brand finally off the ground, I  am happy to say that Leah Misika is well on her
way to realising her dreams. I know it is not going to be easy, especially
since I chose to start in Namibia, but a woman with a plan is a force to be
reckoned with.  I don’t really expect
people to understand what I am doing nor will I try and explain until it is
done. “

“However, Sean ( Vakwetu’s Fashion Editor) has a way of getting things out of you. When I
quit my job September last year , I knew I wanted to start LMF, but I had no
clue how I was going to do it . My pension was literally only going to get me
so far , but I  didn’t care; If something
was going to happen, I needed to act  or
else I never would have done it.  After a
crazy end of year, along came 2016 and boy does it feel like the gods where smiling
on me.  I was doing great! Consulting for
My Republik and working on my brand. By January my CNN feature on INSIDE AFRICA
aired and that was it, I had to fast track my plans. The window of opportunity
only stays open so long then it’s gone.  I got myself a mentor  and started working towards my brand

“I love every minute of my life right now. There is nothing I
feel like I can’t do  when it comes to
what I love.  I have yet to do everything
I want to do, but there is no better feeling then waking up knowing you can do
what you love and still live the kind of life you want.”  

“At the moment I am building 
LMF slowing but surely  so for
most people that think my brand is established; this is just the beginning. LMF
is not doing half of what I dream it will do once I’m done with it.  To many it might seem like I’m doing a lot of
different things, but everything I do is La Mode , that’s why we call it the La
Mode Effect.  It is what makes my brand
so quintessentially Leah Misika.”

“As for what I do now; I still have my weekly Column in the
The Namibian “Inside La Mode”, I run La Mode; The Fashion Design and Fashion
Marketing, which is our current focus. I also still do retail consulting and
imagine consulting. I removed myself from other Projects like Fashion Fiend to
grow LMF, but Fashion Fiend is my baby. I will never truly leave it behind. As
for the future; I’m looking forward to growing my business and the industry as
much as I can.”


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