The shawl is one of the simplest product to make up from the collections, but the biggest in volume size, the shawl is a standard rectangular shape. Sit back and let us seduce you with fabulously fun ways of how the shawl can be styled.

Traditional Xhosa dress codes are mainly constructed with rectangular fabrics that they style as turbans, waist wraps, blankets and more; this piece takes that approach. 

 This shawl is actually a versatile piece and can be styled in countless ways (depending on one’s styling skills of course) and can be used as a homeware accessory. The pattern in the middle section of the shawl was inspired by the textures of ripe umnqusho (traditional Xhosa dish). The two bottom end sections have a mix of aesthetics are pulled off from traditional Xhosa embellishment styles and beadwork motifs. 

Images from Maxhosa Laduma


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