Mega Flea Market


The market
The monthly City Flea market is hosted every first Saturday
of the month at Garlic and flowers was created to support and encourage
entrepreneurship in Namibia by connecting local up and coming
entrepreneurs to the community in a cost effective way and to create
awareness of an active sub-cultural community. Namibia offers an
unavoidable wealth of opportunities and individual abilities. The City
Flea market has thus far managed to group individuals who have similar
aspirations together and given them a platform to showcase their
goods/services in a concentrated area. We have come to realize that it
could be easy to set up a stall in the middle of town square but the
profit margins are never 100% profitable due to lack of marketing and
understanding of one’s products/services, hence we feel providing a
platform in a concentrated area gives more exposure and understanding.  
*The Concept at length:*
concept of the Flea market encompasses underlying philosophies that
inspired similar markets held in Southern Africa and Western Europe.
Over the years people have sought alternative markets where they can
access bespoke pieces of art/ clothes/ vintage items that are individual
and uniquely creative. Fashion and art markets have also started
attracting individuals from various sectors of the economy including
organic food, speciality foods, designers and Artists etc. In Namibia
the City market has thus far managed to group individuals who have
similar aspirations and who require a cost effective opportunity to
present their products to the market. From toy sellers, to painters,
eyebrow bonding specialists to fragrance sellers, even second hand
goods..The market has been successful in yielding entrepreneurs who have
added colour and vibrancy to the concept. 


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