NAMA AWARDS- style hunting

May I just be FRANK with this one??????????? Yes? No? Maybe?

Well anyway ill go ahead… NOOOO.. Here are my reasons.

1. the oversized blazer. i understand what you were going for but next time please try and buy a moree fitted blazer and not one that makes you look bigger than you are or borrowed  your larger Uncles clothes.
2. that waist coat and tie are just a bit too much… why do you have rouging on your tie? The waist coat looks a bit too High school prom. take advice from more modern looks. plain colours. not too many patterns. etc…

Please do listen






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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    i have a suggestion for vakwetu and it's coming from a good place as someone who is a fan – when you decide to do a "what-NOT-to-wear" post i think a less uncouth approach would for starters be to blurr out the face of your targeted rant. It's just classier and from your record i assume that is something you strive to do throughout all your efforts. It's like being the bully. Also, most people don't mind their images when it's praising them, but outrightly calling out people can get messy. Pretty people shouldn't do ugly things, but if they do – keep it classy!

  2. admin Avatar

    Noted… Thank you so much for the comment, it is much appreciated
    However, as you may have noticed, I did not attack the the person character in anyway. I merely pointed out the items of clothing that I did not agree with and promptly gave advice on how to do it better in the future. It is not our aim to attack anyone or make bad comments about someone's outfit, that is what fashion police is for. We aim to upgrade the standard of African fashion, with help from all sides. I do understand that some people might get offended,hence why I will take into consideration my choice of wording and seriously consider your advice

    Keep following
    Kind regards
    Fashion editor Vakwetu

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