Designed by young Namibian fashion designer, Taati Monde Sibolile, a graduate of
the Future Excellence Design Institute of South Africa (FEDISA), the Taati Sibolile
brand draws inspiration from her adoration of architecture, and her fascination with
the contrast of hard and soft, form and fluidity.
Romantic and ethereal, yet bold and understated, the brand is elegant and
sophisticated, maintaining a balance between modern, classic, futuristic, and timeless.
The brand has two lines: ready-to-wear, and couture.
The couture line is highly exclusive. Products are made for individual clients, and are
predominantly made by hand. The greatest attention is paid to couture garments-from
the pockets, to the hems, and the buttonholes. No more than 10-15 of each design will
be created, and only one per country.
The ready-to-wear line is less exclusive than the couture line, and will be available in
selected retailers.
The brand is strongly focused on self-expression, empowering women, individuality,
rarity, and superior craftsmanship. High quality factories have been sourced to
produce the ready-to-wear collections.
What separates the Taati Sibolile brand from other luxury brands is that it offers
products that are made of unique, innovative textiles and fabrics. But most
importantly, textiles and fabrics produced according to the fair trade principles.
Our products will be handmade by small-scale production factories, allowing for the
highest standard quality work. These factories are primarily in the UK, France, and
The factories have over 80 years combined experience in producing work for the
haute couture and luxury ready-to-wear markets.
French seams are predominant in the construction of the garments, while overcasting
is limited and never seen in the end product. Certain couture techniques are employed
to ensure the finishing is of superior quality.


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