Most of us have fought with our skin at  one time or another. Then there are those of you who are just blessed with that fabulous glow that comes from who knows where. You keep saying it’s just water but we know your tricks. Jokes! Water is a definite plus when its comes to great skin care. Drink It!

We end up spending thousands on product which may or may not work and I’m not saying you should stop using what works for you but at the end of the day all these products claim to have some sort of “essence of nature” or organic product in them. So, I guess nature is the key to great skin, or just super amazing genes. but seeing that we don’t all have those, let’s ask our girl Mother Nature for some help.

I was recently stumbled upon brand Naturale, a Namibian owned organic skin care line. I have already started using it and can already feel the difference. As I wait for the effects to show ( that fabulous glow and clear skin ) and obviously there will be a blog post about the results with images. but all I can say now is that your start to feel a difference for the word go but enough of me let’s find out what this actually is..

“Naturale consists of two products : oil made from sweet almonds blended with coconut oil in its purest form and the scrub is made from Naturale oil and cocoa powder.

We recommend the use of both products for clean skin. The scrub is a deep cleanser and exfoliator which aides in preventing acne breakouts, evens out your skin tone deeply hydrates and softens your skin The oil reduces the appearance of stretch marks and is an excellent moisturiser  for skin and hair, it also prevents hair breakage.

The oil contains Vitamin E, a nutrient and antioxidant essential in helping neutralise free radicals, which damage cells. 

Why organic skincare? 
Natural skincare products are better for the environment and have the ability to restore your skin to good health with the use or dangerous chemicals.”

*For product queries or orders please send a WhatsApp message or call 0818922129*


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