So lets be honest…. many of us were wide awake, drinking loads of coffee, snuggling up with a loved one all in the name of the oscars..
if you have no idea what the Oscars are, you have been living under a cave for the past 84 years… apart from it being the most prestigious film awards it is also one of the biggest gathering of fashionistas and fashionistos alike.

Lets not lie to ourselves.. we have all dreamt of having that fairytale moment. lets picture it for a moment…….

after months of trying to lose weight because Carolina Herrera told you that unless you lose those 5kgs there is no way you will be seen dead in one of her outfits, you finally reach the day and your dress tears at the fitting… well because you have tons of pros around you  dont panick.. fair enough.. on the ride down to the venue you down the free chapamge that they have for you in the car just to get a bit of that liquid confidence and knowing these bougie oscar people you are probably sipping on some Moet and Chandon.. happy times… this confidence is preparing you for the hounds of paparazzi and interviewers that are all going to ask you the exact same question “WHO ARE YOU WEARING?”   and naturally you put on that fake smile and gladly answer, hoping and praying that you dont let your team down by forgetting your designers name. after answering 500 of the same question and pray that Sascha Baron Cohen does not spill whatecer dust or sand he was carrying in that tin can on your dress because you are already on prbation for violent behaviour! ” where is the alcohol?” is what is on your mind because you really have nothing to look forward to, as this year there were no nominations for you, SAD.

during the formalities you look around the room, downing that champers,clapping and laughing at the stupid jokes and secretly praying that Mila Jovovic trips and falls because that Ellie Saab dress is absolutely amazing on her….her and every other lady in the room… Viola davis looking stunning in green Vera wang and Michelle williams stealing the show in that amazing red Louis Vuitton couture..

atleast you are having fun…. but all that is on your mind is getting trashed and featuring hard taht the Vanity Fair afterparty.. there you hope to change into that slutty Gucci number and make out with one or more actual A-list celebs. being d list sucks at times.. Not even a scandal on the cover of People magazine..

after its all done, you eventually stumble home, you throw of your Christian Louboutins and fall onto your bed hoping that the next day some or other major director calls you in the morning, for a role that will hopefully get you nominated for the oscars next year, so that you could do this ALL OVER AGAIN……


octavia spencer

viola davis






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