Name : Carl

City : Abidjan , Riviera Palmeraie
Occupation : Model and Political Science Student
Sense of style : Fashion is my life style , Im inspired by people like Dapper Lou and Joshua Kissi
Trend Horoscope : A big focus on accessories in menswear , especially quirky shades
Current obsession : Leather and yeah vintage eyewear
Item to highlight : Vintage Leather

Name : SaraïCity : Abidjan – Les Vallons
Occupation : International Relations Student 
Sense of style : Sexy but vanguard
Trend horoscope : In the months to come fashion is going to be more focused on what is hidden and left to the imagination . Less skin , more fashion juice .
Current obsession : Friendship bracelets , I own a dozen or more
Item to highlight :  Vivid Patterns

Street style contributions from Abidjan are provided by Ivory Coast fashion and art blogger Carroll. For more fashion forward feasting check out her blog L’Abidjanaise 


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