The Look | Anna Nashandi | Epitome of Glamour

Name: Anna Nashandi
City: Cape town
Occupation:Brand Strategist at Brandscape Marketing / Model at 3D Management
 Sense of Style: Honestly, I just wear what makes me happy, whatever
is clean at the time, and whatever goes with my afro! I have never
really been the type to have one specific style or follow one particular

Current Obsession: High-waisted EVERYTHING. Oversized jumpers.
Bright nail colours, especially orange and coral. AFROS AFROS AFROS – My
greatest obsession for the past 4 years! 
Trend Horoscope: I
am probably not the best person to ask, but I think the 90s are making a
HUGE comeback. Think re-imagined 90s grunge! We are already seeing
hints of it with the crop tops, loose jeans and backwards-worn
caps…Throw on a pair of sexy heels and you’re good to go. It’s Aaliyah
meets 2013.


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