“My name is Chilekwa. I’m a 22 year old UNAM student. I like making people feel good about themselves and that’s how I got into fashion.
This brand is inspired by my mom. I came home one day, and I found that she had an African print shirt made for me. After I put it on and I looked in the mirror I knew that it would make me stand out and that in it I was unique. The brand is also inspired by the individuality that African prints bring to those who wear them. People don’t like looking like others, wearing what others are wearing. When I first thought about getting an African print jacket, I wanted it to be different, coz African print is huge right now. I’m a stand out guy and I wanted to portrary that. So the name BWANA connects brilliantly with the philosophy of the brand. BWANA means “boss” in various African languages. Bosses are not commoners. They are unique. There’s only one BWANA. Once you wear a BWANA piece, you feel power, you become what you want to be, what you know you are… a BWANA. It’s like how when Tony Stark puts on his Ironman suit, it’s a game changer. You know the bad guys are gonna be defeated. “- Chilekwa Chilekwa


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