Being a bridemaid is an honour but it is also WORK. Especially at an African wedding. The Bridesmaids are the worker bees at the wedding, so brides choose yours wisely! Their job is to make sure the bride make up, hair and dress is looking good, they liaise with the groom and other protocol makers i.e. parents, making sure that the Tates and Meme’s are happy and  have their Savannah Dry or whatever happens to be their token drink of the day, even hustling for last minute ingredients for the  potato salad. Yup, bridesmaids work. and they also have to look good in the process.  There are several options when choosing a wedding theme. In this day and age most people go for a colour theme leaving each bridesmaid to decide on what type of dress it will be. However, they are even more options as you will see below. Enjoy

African Print/Kitenge ideas

Lace ideas

Black and Red

 Maxi dress ideas

Kente inspired ideas

Rainbow Bridesmaids dresses

Bridesmaids with rainbow umbrellas

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