Model: George Shan

Vakwetu discovered this young, talented, Namibian designer, Ingo Shanyenge. We took the chance to sit down with him, discuss his work and showcase some of his designs.

V- How did you get into fashion designing?
 I – From a very young age I have always be passionate about logos, arts and crafts. It all started when I designed our Matric jackets. From there i knew that I had something to give to the fashion world.

V- Did you study Fashion?
I- Initially not, but then I decided to perfect the art. I them went to England to study.

V- What are the challenges of an up and coming designer?
 I- I really struggle to to source fabric, especially here in Namibia.

V- What inspires you?
I- My initial inspirations came from big sports clothing brands, like Adidas. The Old school Adidas and it dawned on me that we need a brand like that in Africa.

V- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I- I would like to be a successful designer, headlining at Fashion shows etc.. More importantly I would like to become an international success story to let budding designers know that the dream is possible to achieve.

V- What do you think of the Namibian fashion industry?
I- Th industry is definitely picking up. Our local designers have stepped up and people are proudly wearing Namibian designer brands. There are more platforms for designers to make a name for themselves

V- What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into the fashion Industry?
I- Fashion is a creative field, you don’t need much but drive and creativity. It’s something you can start from your living room. Just be daring and original.

I- My brands, as much as they are contemporary garments, is a movement. We the people should dictate our own trends here in Southern Africa. We designers have a duty to fill our boutiques with our own brands. It’s good to see that people are starting to see potential in Namibian designers.


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