Name: Ru
City: Windhoek

So who is Ru?

Ru: I’m a very observant opportunist, a perfect example of a Pisces: some what kind and rude at the same time, people instantly get attracted to me. I am hot tempered and very stubborn, sometimes a bit bit weird but who cares, right?  I am a person who rationalizes in my way of thinking but at the same time I believe in magic and miracles of the world.

What do you do?

I am a Recording Artist, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, Film Director, Civil Engineering Graduate, self taught seamstress and sucker for love.

What inspires you?

Anything can inspire me when I am in the creative mood,especially music, art, creative writing and most of all a Giant slab of KIT KAT. Life would never have been, without chocolate.

Fashion! What do you think when you hear that?

I think right-brained dudes and dudetts know how important image is in society.

What is your sense of style?

I would like to say my style is more 90’s HipHop, with loads of gold. Chunk and patterns kind of girl.

What is your Trend Horoscope?

I want to see more African patterns and more LEG! Lets throw those stockings out, it’s sexy summer time. I want us to try an step away from weaves a bit. Lets try something FUNKY for a change. I really want to try the “PANGA STYLE” ( fade,flat-top) at some point in my existence.

Anything extra you want to say?

When it comes to fashion I say do whatever the F*%K you feel like doing because you never know what they will dress you in when you kick the bucket!

Oh and watch my music video on Youtube “Township” ft Miss H.
here is a link :


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