Name: Zee
Sense of Style: I’m a free spirited, intuitive person and my style
reflects who I am. I can never plan what I’m going to wear, sometimes I
just put on some music and that dictates my mood and wear. I sometimes
like to be in character and it makes a dull day so much more exciting
for me. It’s sometimes strange to people who don’t know me well to see
so many different styles on me, my hair, the clothes I wear, even the
music I listen to but growing up in a house where my parents would
listen to Queen and AC/DC one day and soulful jazz the next while
humming to beautiful traditional sounds could only produce a child whose
love of music and all things artistic reflects on her daily life.

I studied Fine Arts in SA and had the pleasure to mix and mingle
with the fashion design students who would make their own clothes and
basically wear whatever their moods inspired.

I also love to
change it up, I’ve had so many hairstyles I can’t keep count and I
believe my hair strongly reflects the mood I’m in,so many people read me
that way.
I don’t really follow trends because I suck at keeping up with
trends but I also love to mix and match thrift-ed items and just be
unique you know.


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