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Written by Uiisira

Women, women, women… they make the world go round. They are the reason us men want to look good. They are the reason we want nice things. If it was not for women a man would live in a box, wear overalls, diet on bread & beer and ride a bicycle every day.

The world’s most powerful person is a woman, Yes, a woman. (The woman sleeping with the world’s most powerful man of course). Don’t get it twisted; she’s the one running shit. That’s right Michelle Obama runs the free world as we know it. Form picking out what socks Obama should wear to telling him what to do with his drone (no penis reference intended). She runs that man. Michelle is just one example; there is Melinda Gates, Hilary Clinton, and Oprah Winfrey and not to mention the countless kamborotos, side chicks, prostitutes and strippers that keep married happy.

You would think that with all this power women would own the world but they don’t. This is all because of one simple factor. Women don’t know what they want. They think they do but they don’t. They are beautiful illogical beings that are ruled by their emotions. Before a woman decides what to wear in the morning she first has to find out how she feels and what mood she is in.

What Women Want VS What Women Think They Want

I asked a girl once what women wanted from men and she listed the following:

1. When we talk ‘listen’, it shows us that you care about our feelings.

2. Men should be smart enough and understand that not all our bad moods are connected to PMSing

3. Guys, developing an EQ (Emotional quotient) would help.

4. With women communication is the key, so try and talk to us often.

(At this stage I stop listening and started thinking of pizza, beer, kapana… while nodding my head

5. Here are some traits we wish men would display – chivalry, making an extra effort with our friends and family, because we do the same!

I eventually got tired and asked her how long the list is and she told it’s endless it changes every hour.

And it was at that point I discovered women think they know what they want but they really don’t know what they want. Their wants list changes so often, you might think they have multiple personalities. One day they want weaves the next day weaves are anti African and they want to go natural. A woman can have four different hair styles in a month…

Here is the crazy part, since corporate businesses have discovered how confused women are they make millions selling them things they don’t need for their insecurities.

I figured women out…!!! Yes I did…!!! Here is what they really want…!!



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