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  • Style Hunting- Joanna

    Name: Joanna City: Windhoek Occupation: Student Sense of style: “FABULOUS” This girl really snatched my attention with that Knitted piece. Just enough for me to almost not notice the stunning LITAS(shoes). Her sheer stockings and simple clutch with gold trimmings, brought it all together!

  • Street Style | Ella Kavela

    Name: Ella Kavela City: Windhoek Occupation: Student Sense of style” I’m Ella Kavela,20 years old. I love and enjoying making my own clothes,rocking my African inspired style is super awesome. It makes me stand out,which is my aim always.I’m a young aspiring designer,I would love to share my unique and quirky style with fellow fashionistas.”


    Herbert Schier Vellies. A typical Namibian farmer shoe transformed into a fashion statement. I see these making a big comeback. They are already trending around the world.

  • style hunting : Tre Afrique chic


    Images by: eStilo Caralho Just a few of our fierce Africans doing their thing here and around the world.. #TEAMAFRICANFASHION


    City: Windhoek, Ramatex Complex GIRLS DOING IT RIGHT! Tjuna Kauapirura( right) and her friend, were two of the best dressed women at the Awards. Am loving the detail (studding and beading) of the white dress that Tjuna is wearing. what i find amazing about the friends dress is the the attention to the pleating on…