It’s much more that just a patch of Africa on your shirt.. Created by Latifah Maletsky, this brand has been popping up here and there and sparked our interest. We just had to ask her…

So, what exactly is AFRIQ?

 “Afriq is a local brand, entirely African based.”

“The name and concept came about when a friend told me I do things from a Majestic magnitude, which was the initial name of the brand.
As with probably everything I do, I try to incorporate my true being in it, and thats what Im known for. Because I believe as a person, the way you carry yourself and how people see you, is everything.
So from the way I dress to the music I listen to, to the people I choose to associate myself with, you can always tell that I it’s more on the African side of life.”

“Then again lets not make it all about me.”

“I wanted my brand to be something people will always want, regardless of what product it is. Be it shoes, bags, a shirt, a dress, etc, there’s always a touch of African in it.
Mainly because as a young woman myself, and in a time where youngsters are always following international trends and straying away from their roots.

I don’t consider myself a fashion guru or all these names they refer to them these days, but if I can send my message across through something people rave about, then why not use the platform.

The African print died out quite fast after it was a big thing and it is evident because all over social media every fashionista wants to follow the latest trends and dress the exact way their Style Icons do.

Its quite rare to find people my age consider the likes of Lira or even Thandiswa Mswai as style icons because of how they dress.

Now I can type a hundred pages here.

Africanism – the concept of the brand”


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