After having had the most amazing experience at the music Festival, Oppi Koppi earlier this year, I decided that festivals are definitely everything and I will try my best not to miss any of them anymore.
Vakwetu was represented by yours truly, Sean Kamati and it would have not been complete without my great friend Jerri Mokgofe from According to Jerri. Some other friends were to join us but as it happens, stories were told and it ended up just being the two of us.
Both Jerri and I had to make our way to Cape Town where our friends from Ford South Africa gave us something really special to take us all the way to Darling where Daisies took place.
Apart from almost getting “lost” only because signage was nowhere to be found and roads were closed, we almost got jumped by a gang of kids “giving directions” but their approach was a bit too crazy and we just stepped on the gas and drove away.
The road leading to Darling, or at least the route we took was so beautiful, filled with stunning scenery that only the Western Cape can give you. Thank goodness we decided to head there on the Thursday before the masses came through but whew, were we lucky because the number of people there already, was crazy 20k large. Lines of cars 5 Kilometres long leading up to the entrance but our Ford Ranger Wildtrak kept us going.
After scamming our way into the artist campsite ( we actually were on the B.C.U.C guest list )  it was time to set up camp. We were never ready for the cold. All we had were fire festival looks and booty shorts. But at least we had some sense to bring jerseys along.
Speaking of festival looks… I would like to thank Ingo Shanyenge , Leah Misika, and Lisco lin for providing inspiration for me to create those fun looks. Fun indeed! It was a festival after all. That’s where “Sean The Scammer” was born. Going around in a flaming blond afro wig and with Jerri by my side we managed to basically just WIN the entire Festival. VAI VAI KWEENS RELOADED.
Some of my highlights:
  • ·       The music is really why we went there besides it turning into something else. And the best performances by far were from Hugh Masekela , Nakhane Toure, Moonchild. B.C.U.C among others.
  • ·       The two’s up stage was everything! Hip Hop all day everyday and an awesome crowd. Everyone there was lit and was ready to twerk (if they could) the festival away.
  • ·       Being with my partner in crime a seasoned festival goer to show me around, even though it was both our first time at DAISIES. We really had the most fun. From scamming drinks at the Black Bottle Whiskey tent to just being absolutely fabulous.
  • ·       It was always super easy getting back to our tent, seeing that we did not stay with the masses this time and rather with the artists.
  • ·        Beautiful people everywhere. WOW!

Some not so good parts:
  • ·      THE COLD! It was so cold at night and sexy could not beat the weather but thanks to a few fabulous cocktails from the Black Bottle Whiskey tent, we won.
  • ·      Someone tried to and succeeded in grabbing my wig off even though my friend Jerri tried to save me while he was on the shoulders of some drunk girl. Thanks friend.
  • ·      Sadly, someone lost their life by drowning in the lake. Prayers go out to the family and loved ones.

Those are just a few of the things I can remember and just a bit of the fun that we had. Thank you “SUPERBALIST ROCKING THE DAISIES 2016”.
Getting ready for the next one already.

Images by ATJ


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