“Brother Vellies was founded in collaboration with
Creative Director, Aurora James. While relatively unknown outside of
South Africa and Namibia, Velskoen, pronounced “fell-skoon” and known
colloquially as “vellies,” are the ancestor of the modern-day desert

Vellies were first made in the 1600s, inspired by the footwear of
the Khoikhoi tribe and crafted using raw materials. Later, their vellies
were adapted by British travelers, packaged and renamed to be what we
now know as desert boots.
Their velskoen are made primarily in the coastal town of Swakopmund,
Namibia. Between there and South Africa, a small group of eight
gentlemen assemble every shoe by hand, turning out just 20 pairs an
Their vellies are made of vegetable-dyed Kudu leather. The
Namibian government mandates the culling of these large native antelope
to control their population. Kudu skin yields amazingly durable leather
and suede that ages exceptionally well. Because these hides are taken
from wild animals they often show scars or other “imperfections” that
domesticated hides do not.”

vakwetushoelove, namibian shoes, brother vellies, vakwetu

vakwetushoelove, namibian shoes, brother vellies,vakwetu

vakwetushoelove,namibian shoes,brother vellies, vakwetu

vakwetushoelove,namibian shoes,brother vellies, vakwetu

vakwetushoelove,namibian shoes,brother vellies, vakwetu

 We at Vakwetu are absolutely in love with these. So creative, so chic and so stylish. A definite must have if you are a lover of things out of the norm and standing out from the crowd. Vakwetu gives these a fabulous stamp of approval.


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